Sunday School

The mission of MAS Charlotte Sunday School is not only to help students of all ages to properly recite, understand, and memorize the Quran, but also to teach children about the fundamentals of Islam, the Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Character Education.  Sunday School focuses on conveying Islam with utmost clarity and empowers young muslims with the tools they need to connect to the revelation of Allah (SWT) to find answers to life's everyday questions.  The primary academic objective of the school is to introduce and instill the main teachings of Islam into our students.  Thereby, utilizing a very structured approach to teaching Islam as a religion, and not as a set of cultural practices, is emphasized.

The classes are held every Sunday from 10:00am - 3:00pm and are broken into levels based on the child's age and ability.  All programs are led by carefully selected experienced teachers.  Our teachers utilize a variety of techniques to engage the students, young and old, in an effective and friendly manner, bringing them closer to the Quran and helping them to establish a relationship with Allah through His words.

At each grade level, four subject areas are covered - two in the morning session (Quranic Studies) and two in the afternoon session (Islamic Studies).  The morning ‘Quranic Studies’ session facilitates students in applying the rules of recitation to the reading of the Qur'an as the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), recited.  This session also focuses on the memorization of Surahs & Duas.  The afternoon period is divided into two parts: Seerah/Islamic Social Studies and Faith/Worship or Morals/Manners.  The Seerah class offers a valuable insight into the life of the Prophet (PBUH), while students also obtain an overview of the Islamic history.  Moreover, students obtain a solid understanding of the Articles of Faith and Five Pillars of Islam, and are taught Islamic Morals & Manners in the light of the Quran & the Hadith.

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Monthly Tuition: $40.00 per child

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